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News From The Pharmaceutical Processing Industry: Summer 2017

Here’s a roundup of news and trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, gleaned from various industry publications:

  • How Combination Product Manufacturers Improve Their Technology Through Process Scale-Up
  • Eric Resnick, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., discusses how the introduction of biologic therapies has forced drug delivery manufacturers to take a more analytical approach to process scale-up.

  • Improvements in Analytical Testing Tools and Their Impact on Pharmaceutical Analysis>
  • A roundtable of bio/pharma expets – Guillaume Tremintin of Bruker Daltonics; Lisa Newey-Keane of Malvern Instruments; Gurmil Gendeh of Shimadzu; Kyle D’Silva and Simon Cubbon of Thermo Fisher Scientific; and Geofrey Wyatt of Wyatt Technology Corporation – discuss how advances in analytical testing tools are solving the challenges of drug development and manufacture.

  • Cautionary Tale: The Dangers Inherent in Scaling Up
  • Safety issues can pop up in unexpected ways when scaling up from small investigatory or pilot runs to full-scale production runs. This article looks at some of the possible danger points in chemical production scale-up.

  • Forty Years of Drug Product Manufacturing Advances
  • Improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment are often overlooked. Advances in automation, process control, safety, and connected systems warrant additional attention. This article explores some of the breakthroughs in continuous solid-dosage manufacturing.

  • Biotechnology Moves Industry Toward Personalized Medicine
  • With an eye toward the future International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) board chair Mike Arnold discusses challenges to the rise of personalized medicine.