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Microfluidics Launches New Pilot-Scale Biopharma Processor - M815

Microfluidics International Corporation, is pleased to announce the launch of the new M-815 Biopharma Microfluidizer, a pilot-scale processor for processing clinical and production cGMP batches.

The new M-815 Microfluidizer has a flow rate that fits between the existing M-110EH and M-7125 to match the popular 100L bioreactor size and larger Phase II batches required for nano-emulsion drugs. Microfluidizers provide a unique solution to maintaining consistent process pressure, ensuring 100% of your material gets exactly the same treatment.

The M-815 Microfluidizer is just the latest in a series of distinguished products the Company offers, centered on Microfluidizer technology. From its Westwood, Massachusetts Technology Center, Microfluidics already provides Proof of Concept and Process Development Consulting services designed to help companies make critical decisions related to the sourcing of equipment that will reach product and process goals. By providing objective testing data on pressure, shear rates, chamber type, number of passes and results, Microfluidics research engineers demonstrate potential opportunities to improve product quality and production efficiency for each customer’s specific formulation. Whether you are working with small lab samples or production volumes, Microfluidizer technology is unmatched in submicron size reduction, disruption, product yield, and guaranteed process scale-up.

The M-815 Microfluidizer is ideal for those who are developing nano-emulsions (with or without APIs), nanodispersions, microencapsulations and also, for deagglomeration. The M-815 Microfluidizer provides outstanding performance only possible with the unrivaled Microfluidics fixed geometry technology.