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  • LV1 Low Volume
    High Shear Fluid Processor for the Smallest Samples

    LV1 Low Volume Microfluidizer® Homogenizer

    Microfluidics developed the LV1 high shear benchtop homogenizer to bring Microfluidizer®-quality nanotechnology processing to the milliliter scale for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, nutraceutical/food, cosmetic and energy industries. The LV1 is capable of handling samples as small as 1 ml — samples smaller than many other liquid processors can handle.

The LV1 is an excellent choice for academic and commercial customers who work with high-value samples, especially when product recovery is of paramount concern. This processor is equally adept at handling oil-in-water emulsions and solids-in-liquid suspensions.

Like all our Microfluidizer® processors, the LV1 delivers industry-leading particle size reductions — up to 50% smaller than those achieved by competitors’ machines. Our products also provide the narrowest particle size distributions, better recovery and fewer, shorter passes. 

How It Works

All Microfluidizer® processors provide exclusive benefits due to their fixed-geometry interaction chamber and constant pressure pumping system. The technology allows users to achieve smaller sample sizes — with more uniform distribution and scaleup guaranteed — than can be obtained with other methods.

Recommended Uses

The LV1 is your gateway to the nanotechnology revolution, allowing you to perform the following applications using the smallest samples:

  • Nanoencapsulation
  • Nanoemulsions
  • Nanosuspensions
  • Deagglomeration
  • Liposomes
  • Cell Disruption

Unique Benefits

The low-volume LV1 Microfluidizer® processor:

  • Requires the smallest sample sizes — as small as 1 ml
  • Achieves smaller sample sizes with more uniform distribution and guaranteed scaleup
  • Performs high-pressure homogenization at pressures up to 30,000 psi
  • Operates at shear rates of 12.25 million sec-1
  • Provides near-total sample recovery
  • Offers some of the highest protein recovery rates — in as few as one or two passes
  • Ensures that results are repeatable
  • Guarantees scaleup to pilot or production volumes
  • Cleans easily
  • Requires no disassembly
  • Operates quietly

Standard Features

  • Ceramic interaction chamber
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Electric/hydraulic drive method
  • 10 ml syringe-type feed and collector reservoirs

Optional Features

  • Product cooling coil and tray
  • Syringes from 1 ml to 6 ml
  • Product installation and training
Proven Results

Let us demonstrate how a Microfluidizer® can achieve your nanomaterial processing and product quality goals.

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