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  • Production Scale M-700 Series
    Superior, Scalable Results in Production Environments

    M-700 Series Microfluidizers® Ultra High Shear Fluid Processors

    M-700 series processors have proven to be cost-effective in a broad range of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, coatings, inkjet inks, cosmetics and food additives. Utilizing our patented Microfluidizer® technology, these processors deliver the finest and most uniform distribution of submicron particle size at the highest shear rates available. No other processing technology can match our results. Emulsions and suspensions are more stable, and the performance of your final products is superior.

  • Microfluidizer Processor M-700
  • Front View of an M-700 Microfluidizer Processor
  • Inside View of a Production Scale M-700 Biopharma Microfluidizer

How It Works

The M-700 series machines have high-pressure, multi-slotted fixed-geometry interaction chambers that impart identical high shear rates to product formulations as are achieved on lab scale interaction chambers. The M-7125 and M-7250 models generate up to 30,000 psi operating pressure (40,000 psi available as a special option) for premium results at an affordable cost.

Recommended Uses

Models M-7125 and M-7250 are recommended for:

  • Immiscible Liquid Emulsions
  • Solid-in-Liquid Suspensions
  • Submicron Particle Size Reduction
  • Deagglomeration and Dispersion

Model M-710 is recommended for:

  • Stable Solid-in-Liquid Dispersions
  • Stable Microemulsions
  • Submicron Particles (Nanoparticles)
  • Deagglomeration

Unique Benefits

For the M-700 Series M-7125 and M-7250 Models:

  • Repeatable, uniform particle size results to submicron distributions with guaranteed scaleup from R&D to full production
  • Broad range of throughput in continuous or batch mode; the machine can process at a wide range of pressures and flows
  • Operates at pressures up to 2755 bar (40,000 psi)

For the M-710 Materials Processor Model:

  • Repeatable, uniform particle size results to submicron distributions with guaranteed scaleup from R&D to full production
  • Broad range of throughput in continuous or batch mode; the machine can process at a wide range of processing flow rates
  • Sample sizes from 3.8 lpm to continuous
  • Achieves operating pressures from 345 bar (5,000 psi) to 2758 bar (40,000 psi) depending on the nominal flow rate

Standard Features

For the M-700 Series M-7125 and M-7250 Models:

  • Proven to be highly reliable at operating pressures up to 30,000 psi in pilot and production environments
  • Generates the highest shear rates of any fluid processor on the market today, which results most often in achieving desired product quality in a single pass
  • Patented, wear-resistant interaction chamber with fixed-geometry design ensures that the entire product stream encounters equal energy-per-unit fluid volume
  • Highly durable intensifier pumping system is efficient at ultra high pressures
  • High-pressure plunger seals and check valves
  • Model M-7250 unit comes standard with two synchronized intensifier pumps for increased flow rates
  • Open isolator to prevent process fluid and hydraulic fluid contact
  • Simple, efficient electric/hydraulic drive system
  • Coned and threaded tubing and fittings
  • In-line cleaning with no disassembly required
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Validatable for cGMP and cGAMP applications

For the M-710 Materials Processor Model:

  • Dual synchronous intensifier pump provides reproducible, reliable results
  • Constant pressure feature is available with M-710 machines operating at process pressures of 1379 bar (20,000 psi) and above
  • Patented, wear-resistant interaction chamber technology maximizes energy-per-unit volume of product
  • Highest shear rates of all available competitive processors
  • Easy in-line cleaning and simple maintenance

Optional Features

  • Automatic operations via PLC controls
  • Chamber sets are configured to suit application requirements
  • Explosion-proof configuration for hazardous environments, NEC 500 and CE ATEX compliant
  • Integration to process automation DCS or SCADA
  • Flush diaphragm pressure transducer and indicator for electronic readings of system pressure
  • Steam-in-Place (SIP) for aseptic manufacturing
  • Ultra Clean-in-Place (UCIP) for sanitary manufacturing
  • Constant pressure on M-7250 models
  • Validatable under Part II, CFR 21 and U.S. FDA regulated environments (M-710)

M-710 Microfluidizer® Materials Processor

Proven Results

Let us demonstrate how a Microfluidizer® can achieve your nanomaterial processing and product quality goals.

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